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Our Friends Make Lovely Sounds

Eostar Kamala- Eostar wrote Only Forgiveness and is featured on backup vocals on Bless The Lessons and In Our Time
Ananda Yogiji- Ananda is an original Sunheart booster. We love you!
Jaya Lakshmi
Paloma Devi - angel voice
Gurumukh Mark Harris - Mukh has been an inspiration for members of Sunheart since the 1970s!
Deva Priyo's Lost at Last/One at Last - Priyo is featured on Sunheart's Nice, Unicorn Song and Wanderers Three
Deva Priyo Nicola Notaro's Gypsy Moon and solo work

We are honored to have done the music for our friend Omni Mountainskyrainbow's video, The Nest:


Always coming home


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We are here right now. Connect.

More good music

Our friends make lovely sounds




We are publishing our songs on the world wide web now. More songs are going up every day. Search for Sunheart in your favorite streaming site, music service, song purchasing place. You can even ask your smart speaker to "Play Sunheart!"

Many blessings and much love - the members of Sunheart.

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