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We are now publishing our tracks for worldwide distribution. They can be purchased at CDBaby (click here). Buy them! They each cost less than a soda, less than a cuppa coffee, and it will encourage us. :)  

You can listen to the tracks in their entirety here below. If you like them, you can add them to your shopping cart with a click. Thanks, and enjoy!

Recorded in Palm Springs, at our very first studio retreat, Bless The Lessons features David on electric guitar, and Eostar Kamala on backing vocals. Omni does vocals, too, of course.

Liam has an awesome fiddle solo, and everybody we know sings in the choir on This Now.

Dawn shreds the solo on One Only One. Another massive choir.

Sparkle has another phenomenal lead guitar solo by Dawn.

Oregon Child, formerly known as She Flies On Her Own Wings, has Dawn's descant guitar part, and Liam's wonderful fiddle accompaniment on this quintessentially Oregon coming of age song.

This Time When Darkness Comes, affectionately known to us as "Darkness," recorded live in the studios of LCC in Eugene, written by our friend,
Nasus Aransu,
, captures the essence of Sunheart Classic.

Our songs are also on Spotify. If you have a Spotify account, and a compatible browser, click here to go to our band's Spotify page. Otherwise, you can open your Spotify app, and search for Sunheart.

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can find Sunheart here.

From a different ray of the Sunheart, we have a track written by our dear friend, Eostar Kamala. Only Forgiveness features our fiddlemaster, Liam O'Grady, on all interludes and solos. David contributes vocals, guitar, bass, and piano. Omni does lead vocals and did the arrangement for this piece. Nanda plays tabla and trap set. This track has just been remastered and the remastered version will be up here and on all the music services in mid to late July, 2018.

We are honored to have done the music for our friend Omni Mountainskyrainbow's video, The Nest:


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We are publishing our songs on the world wide web now. More songs are going up every day. Search for Sunheart in your favorite streaming site, music service, song purchasing place. You can even ask your smart speaker to "Play Sunheart!"

Many blessings and much love - the members of Sunheart.

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